Save 40% Off When You Spend $25 Or More With CODE: FORYOU

Save 40% Off When You Spend $25 Or More With CODE: FORYOU

What People Are Saying About GreatEyeGlasses: Reviews and Testimonials

Discover why customers love GreatEyeGlasses. Read reviews and testimonials about our eyewear, affordable prices, and excellent customer service.

Customer reviews and testimonials are essential for any business, providing valuable feedback and insights into the customer experience. At GreatEyeGlasses, we take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our customers. Here’s a glimpse into what people are saying about us:

  1. Quality Eyewear: Customers love the quality of our eyewear, noting that our frames are durable and stylish.

  2. Affordable Prices: Many customers appreciate our affordable prices, making it easy for them to purchase multiple pairs of glasses.

  3. Excellent Customer Service: Our customer service team is praised for their helpfulness and professionalism, ensuring that every customer has a positive experience.

  4. Fast Shipping: Customers love our fast shipping, with many receiving their glasses sooner than expected.

  5. Easy Ordering Process: Our easy ordering process is a hit with customers, making it simple to find the perfect pair of glasses online.

  6. Great Selection: Customers appreciate our wide selection of frames, allowing them to find the perfect style to suit their personality.

  7. Comfortable Fit: Our glasses are praised for their comfortable fit, with many customers noting that they can wear them all day without any discomfort.

Experience the GreatEyeGlasses difference for yourself and discover why our eyewear is loved by so many. Read our reviews and testimonials to see what people are saying, and find your perfect pair of glasses today.

What people are saying …

At Great Eyeglasses our mission is to provide high quality, stylish and durable prescription eyeglasses at an affordable price.
Here’s what our customers have to say about how we’re doing:

“These guys had the best I ever had, and I’ve been wearing glasses for over 50 years.”

This company “Great Eyeglasses” gave me also great service at a great price. I scoured the internet for a couple years looking for glasses I liked. I bought quite a few from other companies that I always hated. But these guys had the best I ever had, and I’ve been wearing glasses for over 50 years. And these are quality glasses at unbeatable price. You prob think this is crazy but I bought 10 pairs, and I guess I won’t need any more for at least 10 years! Thanks again “Great Eyeglasses”.


“I have had no complaints, just great glasses that are made to last.”

The price, quality, and fast shipping! You cannot find glasses that compare the price and the quality of other companies. I have purchased multiple pairs of glasses and tinted glasses throughout the years. I have had no complaints, just great glasses that are made to last. I have recommended these to family and friends! My favorite is the lightweight plastic frames! Thank you Great Eyeglasses!

Judi Elliott

“Shipping was faster than what was estimated.”

Really great quality glasses. Love the frames. Shipping was faster than what was estimated. You can’t beat the price. I love the feature where you can upload a picture of yourself and virtually “try on” the glasses so you can see what they look like on you before you buy them. I will never buy glasses anywhere else again.

Persey Debbie Williams

“The best eye glass service on the planet …

The best eye glass service on the planet. I’ve referred over 100 people and not one was disappointed. Fast and easy. People were amazed at how inexpensive they were. I wouldn’t ever consider getting glasses anywhere else. Customer for life.

Michael Herbst
Port St. Lucie, Florida

“Customer service has been great…

Really good prices and nice selection of frames. Have purchased multiple glasses through this company and been happy. Customer service has been great too.

Lake St. Louis, MO

“Lots of different styles to pick from…

I have used Great Eye Glasses for almost 9 years and I have always been satisfied with what I got. The prices are great, they have replaced my frames many times for free, and there are lots of different styles to pick from!

Joy M.

“They are so fast and reliable…

I only get my glasses from I can always find what I want and it is so affordable. The glasses I order always have my exact prescription and always look and feel good. They are so fast and reliable, I get them before I even expect. I never wore prescription sunglasses because of the price, which means as a glasses wearer I never wore sunglasses. Now I can get new pairs all the time. And if they don’t fit or there is any issue, they work with you to resolve the problem. I love it

Island Heights, NJ

“It’s been the only place I get my glasses ever since…

I first learned about Great Eyeglasses 10 years ago on the radio. I found a great selection, great prices, and fast shipping! It’s been the only place I get my glasses ever since.

Daniel Wisniske

“Fast order turn around from time of order to the time received.”

Glasses that I have ordered from Great have been made of high quality brass and stainless steel. The lenses have been clear and very durable. Fast order turn around from time of order to the time received. AAA customer care. I highly recommend ordering your next set of glasses from Great

John Dodson

Great Eye Glasses
Great Eye Glasses
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